Credible Threat Press is a creator-owned, passion-driven, independent comic book publisher. Focusing on gritty, dark, and poignant works of fiction, This indie press has slowly been growing its catalog with some of the most promising young comic book artists and writers around today. What sets Credible Threat apart is its unwavering dedication to the creative teams it works with and the desire to help publish works that aim to inspire, critique, as well as entertain, whether they be dystopian political thrillers or fantastical space operas.  



Our War signs with Credible Threat Press!

After working with other indie publishers, Our War creators Luke Henderson and Mike Derrah have decided to start their own publishing company, Credible Threat Press

"As Our War has grown, and other projects have begun to materialize, it only made sense that we started taking more creative control over the creation of our work." said writer Luke Henderson. "It has allowed us the freedom to take our work in the direction we want, and gives us the ability to collaborate with other writers and artists on new projects."

Now that Credible Threat Press is up and running, copies of Our War can be purchased at the Credible Threat Press webstore.