What people are saying about Our War

...Henderson gives the audience a lot of credit, not over-explaining things and keeping his prose crisp and Hemingway-esque...Artist Derrah has created a bleakly beautiful world, showing the juxtaposition between the people inhabiting these once glorious urban spaces, and the decaying ruins of the civilization they themselves had built. He has a brilliant eye for visual composition; characters having heated discussions in claustrophobic apartments are then shown running, ant-like, through the echoing spaces of the city. Derrah makes use of colour as Henderson does of dialogue, using a subdued palette that makes the occasional blood and violence all the more striking when it does occur.
— Conor Nally https://conorrobertnally.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/there-was-no-quelling-the-fire-our-war-review/
Best Comic - 2015
— Guerilla Printing Awards https://www.facebook.com/366303075657/photos/pb.366303075657.-2207520000.1440348685./10152640763155658/?type=1&theater
Our War is a tale of suspense, of character, and of chilling echoes of similar events in human history that upend and displace people’s lives in an irreversible way. We’re all very eager here to absorb and discuss what appears to be a contemplative vision of human nature from the creative team of Michael Derrah and Luke Henderson.
— Beat Rush Comics http://beatrushcomics.com/blog/2015/3/22/iw2go5foggsy7fhjinnepwssel2hj0
...I’ve been quietly keeping an eye on them because they seem to be producing some quality product.
— They Stand on Guard http://theystandonguard.blogspot.ca/2015/03/our-war-truth-untold.html