Our War - Issue 1

Our War

Issue #1

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Script by Luke Henderson


Page 1

Splash Page

A splash page of an empty city street at sunrise (Brooklyn, New York).

Buildings slightly decayed, graffiti everywhere, rubbish and trash littering the streets.

Everything looks completely deserted.

Everything is yellowed by the rising sun.

“Notions of chivalry are out of place in warfare…” is written in a scroll in the lower left corner.


Page 2

Five Panels not filling total page, black background

1st panel - A close up picture of army boots marching.

2nd Panel – Old man slumped over on the curb holding a sign that reads “Will work for ANYTHING”

In between the top two panels: “…any type of warfare.” Written in a scroll the top left corner.

3rd Panel – People waiting in line outside of a weathered brick building with a sign that reads “Food Bank” overhead. At the back of the line is a women in a tattered jacket clutching a bag and a man holding a young girl. (shown from behind).

4th Panel & 5th Panel – A man in a cap snatching the women’s bag as she screams “Stop!” as he runs mb

At the bottom of the page: “Such talk is merely propaganda for imbeciles.” Written in a scroll.


Page 3

Seven Panels

1st Panel: Thief running down the street, looking behind him as the women screams “Stop him!”

2nd Panel: A gloved hand reaching and grabbing the bag

3rd Panel: The man reeling back and falling because of gloved hand that grabbed the bag wrapped around his arm.

4th Panel: a close up of the thieves face, which shows absolute terror and panic

“Criminality and murder…” Written in a scroll along the bottom of the fourth panel

5th Panel: A soldier with a pistol in one hand and the purse in another points his gun towards the ground (at the fallen thief). The soldier is smiling sinisterly.

6th Panel: The soldier shoots the thief in the head (shown in silhouettes).

7th Panel: The soldier empty the purse on the ground as the women runs up in the background.


Page 4

Six Panels

1st Panel: The soldier picking up money and jewelry from purse’s contents as the women screams “Hey, what the fuck are you…”

2nd Panel: The soldier swings the pistol around and points it at the women’s face.

“…become heroism.” Written in scroll below the second panel.

3rd Panel: “You got somethin’ to say besides ‘Thank you’?” The soldier says with a smile/sneer.

4th Panel: “That’s everything I’ve got! Please!” The women pleads, tears in her eyes.

“…The truth goes untold.” Written in a scroll below the fourth panel.

5th Panel: The soldier strikes the women to the ground. Smashing in her cheek with the butt end of his gun. “Kkkrack!” or some such nonsense written as he strikes her.

6th Panel: “Haven’t you heard? No one’s got anything anymore. Ha ha ha” The soldier says as he walks away.

“…What nobility is there in all of that?” Written in scroll in the bottom right hand corner of the page.


Page 5

Splash page

A full page of the women lying in the streets, sprawled out, bleeding from the face. Blood streams away from her like a river, the contents of her purse strewn around her.

“Better, I reckon, to speak a cruel truth than peddle falsehoods.” Written in a scroll about three-quarters down the page in the center.


 Page Six

7 Panels

Panel 1: All black

Panel 2: Mostly black with a fuzzy horizontal line of white light. (eyes opening)

Panel 3: More white with black fuzzy edges (Eyes opening wider). “Hey, wake up”

Panel 4: A fuzzy black outline of a person surrounded by white. “Hey, c’mon, get up already

Panel 5: The girl on the ground, rubbing her eyes. Her: “Whaa…” Voice: “I’m serious, you have to get up, they’ll be back”

 Panel 6: Shows a man, late twenties, wearing a green military hat, a black jacket, ripped jeans, and a white shirt with the Career Suicide logo on it. His hand is extended down to the women. “Ya ya, you’re bleeding, I know. If you plan on not making it a repeat performance I suggest you get up. Now.”

Panel 8: She takes his hand and starts to get up. Her: “…but my stuff….” Him: “Leave it, they took everything worth taking already.”


Page 7

8 Panels

Panel 1: Her: “Not everything” She says bending down and picking up a small black book of some sort.

Panel 2: Man leading girl by the hand off the street. Her: “Who are you? Where are we going?”

Panel 3: He lifts up a board of an alley-way door and leads her inside. Him: “We are getting out of the way. Your friends will be back.”

Panel 4: They enter a boarded-up store front.

Panel 5: The man peers through slats covering the store’s windows that face the street

Panel 6: Women sitting on floor, holding her head: “Why would he do that to me?”

Panel 7: Man looks at girl: “I take it you’re not from around here?”

Panel 8: Girl: “No, but I wasn’t doing anyth..” Guy: “Of course you were. You stood out. Here you always have to blend.”


Page 8

8 Panels

Panel 1: Girl: “But they said New York was different. They said there were jobs in New York. That it wasn’t as bad as everywhere else.”

Panel 2: Guy looking at her inquisitively: “Who told you that?”

Panel 3: Girl: “Everyone. Every where. That’s why I left Texas in the first place.”

Panel 4: Guy, laughing: “Ha! You came all the way from Texas?! “

Panel 5: Guy, laughing and wiping a tear from his eye: “All the way from Texas to find work here in New York?! Well I’ll be damned. Am I really in the presence of a modern day Okie?”

Panel 6: Girl, visibly angry: “Why the fuck is that so funny to you? And what the fuck is an Okie?”

Panel 7: Guy peering through the slats, looking at the street: “Shh. They are coming.”

Panel 8: Girl walking towards guy: “no, I’m serious, why is that so hilarious…” Guy: “Hey, I’m serious, shut up! Your friends are back.”


Page 9

5 Panels

Panel 1 (Inset, top left corner): Guy and girl peering out of boarded up window: Guy: “They don’t look too happy you’re gone.”

Panel 2 (large, taking up top half of page: 4 men in uniform standing at the spot where the girl had fallen. Kicking her discarded possessions and looking down at the blood-stained street.

Solider 1: “Where the fuck did she get off to?”

Soldier 2: “She couldn’t have made it too far.”

Solider 3: “You promised us some fun tonight, Ramsay.”

Soldier 4: “I told you this would be a waste of time.”

Panel 3: Girl and guy still watching from storefront: Girl: “But they already took everything they could’ve wanted…”

Panel 4: Guy looking girl up and down: “Not everything”

Panel 5: Girl, covering her chest and looking down: Girl: “Jesus Christ…”


Page 10

8 Panels

Panel 1: Girl turning to Guy: Girl: “Shouldn’t we get outta here?” Guy: “Not unless you feel like gettin’ caught up with them again. Just stay put. And keep your voice down.”

Panel 2: Shows the 4 men in uniform beginning to question people on the street, in the line for the food bank, etc. Solider 1 to homeless man sitting on the street: “Where did she go, old man?”

Panel 3: Soldier 3 holding man by the collar of his shirt: “I’m not going to ask you again, where the fuck is she?”

Panel 4: Soldier 2 to women in food bank line: “What do you mean you didn’t see her? She was just lying on the street.”

Panel 5: Guy to Girl: “Don’t worry, none of them will talk.”

Panel 6: Girl: “Are you sure?”

Panel 7: Guy: “Nope. I’m just hoping they hate these jackals as much as I do.”

Panel 8: Soldier 4 has a gun pulled on a man in a suit standing in the food bank line: Man in suit (Pointing towards the row of buildings that the Guy/Girl are hiding in): “They went over there! In those buildings.”


Page 11

8 Panels

Panel 1: Guy closes his eyes and lowers his head a little: “Fuck.” Girl: “So much for faith in your fellow man.”

Panel 2: Girl: “What are we going to do?”

Panel 3: Guy: “We are going to keep waiting here. There is no way we can take all four. They’ve got four guns, we’ve got one.”

Panel 4: Guy pulls out gun from the back of his pants/waistline and cocks it. (Derrah you can obviously choose all the weapons for this. Ahahah)

Panel 5: Girl looking surprised: “You have a gun?”

Panel 6: Guy: “You’re from Texas, stop acting so shocked. I’m actually surprised you don’t have one.”

Panel 7: Girl: “Not everyone from Texas carries a gun.”

Panel 8: There is a “Thud Thud” at the door where the guy/girl entered. Girl: “What was…” Guy: “Shh!”


Page 12

8 Panels

Panel 1: Soldier 4’s hand reaches in through the opening of the door and begins to slowly push the door aside.

Panel 2: The guy puts his finger to his lips to tell the girl to be quiet and not to move.

Panel 3: The guy reaches down and picks up a large chunk of wood off the floor.

Panel 4: The guy approaches the door way as Soldier 4 struggles to get the door unstuck. Soldier 4: “C’mon you cocksucker, open up!”

Panel 5: Soldier 4 begins to squeeze through the doorway, with his back to the guy/girl. Soldier 4: “Almost there…”

Panel 6: Guy swings the wood over his head. Girl “Don’t!”

Panel 7: Soldier 4 turns around after hearing the girl, but sees the guy with the the gun raised over his shoulder. He has a look of terror in his eyes. Soldier 4: “No!”

Panel 8: The guy pistol-whips Soldier 4’s head: “KRACK!”


Page 13

8 Panels

Panel 1: Soldier 4 lying on the ground, his head bleeding.

Panel 2: Guy dragging Soldier 4 fully into the room. Guy: “Gimme a hand here.”

Panel 3: Girl, helping him drag Soldier 4: “You could’ve killed him! “

Panel 4: Guy: “He’s nowhere near dead yet. But thank you for shouting and almost getting us both killed.”

Panel 5: Girl: “Well just leave him, he’s out cold now.” Soldier 4 begins to stir and mumble incoherently. Soldier 4: “……..You’re a dead man……You….You’re dead…..ha ha ha.”

Scroll along the bottom of Panel 5: “A murderer is regarded by the conventional world as something almost monstrous,”

Panel 6: Guy picks up a large chunk of wood and holds it above his head. Guy: “This isn’t like in the movies. You can’t just conk someone on the head and knock them out cold. Things aren’t that clean.” Girl: “What are you doing.”

Scroll along the bottom of Panel 6: “but a murderer to himself is only an ordinary man.”

Panel 7: Guy swings the chunk of wood down, crushing Soldier 4’s skull.

Scroll along the bottom of Panel 7: “It is only if the murderer is a good man”

Panel 8: Guy with a slightly blood splattered shirt and face. Guy: “Trying to stay alive.”

Scroll along the bottom of Panel 8: “that he can be regarded as monstrous.”


Page 14

1 Full page panel & 3 Inset panels

Panel 1 (Takes up whole page and will have 3 panels over top of it): Girl looking at the murder scene horrified. This is a close up of her torso/head. Look of absolute shock and horror in her eyes, which are filled with tears. Her hand covering her open mouth.

Panel 2: Guy: “Don’t freeze up on me now. We don’t have time for this!” Looking at her sternly.

Panel 3: Guy: “We’ve gotta get out of here. C’mon, we need to leave now.” Guy holding out his hand.

Panel 4: Guy: “Listen, there will be plenty of time to hate my guts for that later, but if we don’t leave now we are both fucking dead!”


Page 15

4 Panels

Panel 1: Guy grabbing the girl’s arm. Guy: “Let’s go. Now!”

Panel 2: Girl pulling her arm away. Girl: “Let go of me! Look at what you did! You fucking murdered him!”

Panel 3: Guy stepping back with his hands up, showing he’s not going to grab her again. Guy: “Look, right now I don’t particularly care what you think of me. But consider this, there are still three very angry, very well-armed fascist thugs looking to kill us…or worse, and that’s even before they seen what we’ve done to their friend here.”

Panel 4: Girl looking at him with disgust: Girl: “What we’ve done? I didn’t anything!” Guy: “Fine, whatever. But do you really think this is the time to be splitting hairs?”


Page 16

7 Panels

Panel 1: The guy’s face shows panic and terror as he hears a voice from outside of the building, near the storefront windows: “He went in one of these buildings. Hey Jenkins, quit fucking around and get out here already.”

Panel 2: Guy turning to girl and pointing towards the storefront windows: “Last chance, are you coming with me or staying to explain what happened to them?”

Panel 3: Girl looking upset but no longer in shock. Girl: “Fine, you got us in this, let’s see you get us out.”

Panel 4: Guy over by the door they came in, opening it slowly: “Good, now stay close and don’t make a sound.”

Panel 5: The guy peeks his eyes out the door and sees the three soldiers at the end of the alley with their backs to the alley. Guy: “Fuck…”

Panel 6: Guy turns back in and looks at the girl. Guy: “Ok, they are out there, but we may be able to sneak away down this alley. Be quick, be quiet, and get to the edge of this building and around the corner as quickly as you can. And if they see you, for god’s sake don’t ever stop running. Got it?”

Panel 7: Girl nods, looking nervous. Girl: “Ok.”


Page 17

4 Panels

Panel 1: Shows the guy and girl sneaking out of the doorway and down the alley away from the soldiers.

Panel 2: Ramsey (Soldier 1) turns to soldiers 2 and 3 while the guy and girl are visibly making their way down the alley behind the soldiers, behind their backs. Ramsey: “Where the fuck is Jenkins? Can anyone get him on the radio?”

Panel 3: As the soldiers keep talking the guy and girl can be seen slipping around the back of the building they were in. Soldier 2: “No. But he’s an idiot, he’s probably lost in one of these buildings, or is taking a nap or something.”

Panel 4: Ramsey: “Just find him. Spread out.”


Page 18

5 Panels

Panel 1: The guy and girl are flattened against the wall around the corner from the alley that the 3 remaining soldiers are now searching. Girl: “Did they see us?” Guy: “Shhh.”

Panel 2: Shows the guy peeking around the corner as the soldier kick in doors, including the building they were in.

Panel 3: Guy still peeking around the corner. Guy: “Oh shit….”. Girl: “What…did they find him?”

Panel 4: A shot of the alley way. Ramsey’s voice coming from inside the building: “Mother Fucker!”

Panel 5: 2 other soldiers come running. Soldier 2: “What’s the matter?” Soldier 3: “Was he sleep…Oh my God…”


Page 19

Splash Page

Panel: Ramsey standing in the alleyway, just outside the door, with Jenkins in his arms. A very graphic representation of Jenkins injuries….head busted open, blood covering Ramsey’s chest and dripping onto the ground, etc. Ramsey (yelling): “Track them down and fucking gut them! Then bash their fucking brains into the pavement! NOW!”


Page 20

5 Panels

Panel 1: Guy peeking around the corner and watching Ramsey carry Jenkins out of the building. Guy: “Alright, it’s definitely time to go.”

Panel 2: Girl: “But where? I don’t know anyone here and don’t have a place yet.”

Panel 3: Guy passing by the girl and heading in the opposite direction of the alley. Guy: “Don’t worry, I’ve got somewhere we can hide out for a while.”

Panel 4: Girl following guy down the back alley. Girl: “What about your place? You do have an apartment, right?”

Panel 5: Guy turning as the hurry down alleys and side streets. Guy: “Yes, I have an apartment, I’m not the okie, remember? But I’m not exactly well loved by some people in this neighbourhood, so if anyone saw us together I doubt it will be hard for those psychos to put two and two together and then find out where I live.”


Page 21

5 Panels

Panel 1: Guy lifting up a chain link fence of what looks like an abandoned factory. Guy: “Through here. It’s just a bit further.”

Panel 2: Girl climbing under the chain link fence. Girl: “Where exactly are you taking me anyways…”

Panel 3: Guy climbing through the fence after her. Guy: “To a friend’s house. It’ll be safe there, at least for the time being .”

Panel 4: Guy and girl walking across the parking lot towards the abandoned building.

Panel 5: The guy and girl approach the building. Guy: “Ok, just remember, my friend is a bit odd, so just keep to yourself and let me do the talking.”


Page 22

3 Panels across the top and 1 Panel spanning the bottom half of the page.

Panel 1: Guy pressing buzzer of the building’s door. Guy: “Sheppard! C’mon, open up! “

Panel 2: Girl looking up at the security cameras and barbed wire-topped fences surrounding the building and along the roof ledges. Girl: “Your friend….he’s a little security conscience?” Guy: “Huh? Ya, but trust me, he has reason to be.”

Panel 3: Guy: “Sheppard, it’s about time.“ The door creaks open slightly.

Panel 4 (Panel spanning the bottom half of the page): Shows the slightly opened doorway and a dark pair of eyes peering through the darkness. The eyes are bloodshot and appear to have grey hair coming down and covering them slightly. Below the eyes are two barrels of a shot gun jutting out from inside towards the guy/girl. Guy: “Oh shit…”